What Are The Benefits Of Learning Outside The Classroom?

How can learn outside the classroom help students? What are the benefits of the method? Below, we have gathered the main advantages. Check out!


The student as the protagonist of his learning is a trend in education. In this way, he is encouraged to seek information and develop knowledge for himself, having more autonomy. This does not mean that he will learn on his own. The teacher acts as a mediator in this process, doing all the pedagogical follow-up. It is the instrument that engages and guides students to research content and discover the best way to learn it.


Dynamism is a powerful learning tool. Classes flow more interestingly, increasing motivation in studies. For this, it is possible to use technologies and gamification, in which learning takes on the “dress” of games. Thus, students can learn without the feeling of being in a monotonous and boring class.


Creativity is a necessary skill for everyday life. After all, it is through it that we can solve everyday problems. It is a function that encourages the student to think “outside the box.” Therefore, learning outside the classroom helps to develop it, as it works on the ability to analyze situations, make choices and manage thoughts.

How To Take Learning Outside The Classroom?

Now that you know the benefits of out-of-class learning for students, it’s time to understand how it can be applied in practice. It is not just tours and visits to museums that are part of this methodology. Any class outside the classroom environment can be considered. Look:

computer and science laboratories;

  • city ​​sights
  • school’s yard
  • school scavenger hunts
  • science, Portuguese, and art fairs
  • multi-sport court
  • vegetable gardens and gardens
  • zoos
  • excursions
  • farms
  • forest parks
  • middle study

How To Stimulate Learning Outside The Classroom?

Did you know that parents also have a role to play in helping with learning outside the classroom? Encouraging visits to museums, theaters, and cinema and encouraging the reading of books is a great way to aid learning. Thus, young people learn pleasantly and create a repertoire that contributes to their comprehensive training, including their techniques to study.

Whether at school or with the family, the student needs to be aware that any place can provide experiences and knowledge, regardless of whether or not it is related to the contents learned at school. This way, he will feel engaged in being the protagonist of his education.

Learning outside the classroom which can be done by places like Mission Grit Kids’ Activities and Fitness for instance is a growing trend, even more so if we think about the post-pandemic period. Through the experience of online classes, it is concluded that it is necessary to use other teaching methodologies, such as blended learning and the flipped classroom. Therefore, the traditional classroom no longer meets children’s and adolescents’ demands today.