Training Required for a Career in Education

If you want to work as a teacher in the UK, here’s how you get there.

When you leave school, it can be hard to know what you want to do with your life. Most people will go off into further education to study a subject that interests them, while others will go directly into the world of work. There are two types of teacher at this juncture. There are those that studied a subject and want to teach it to secondary or further education students, and there are those that went straight into studying as a teacher.

No matter which path you chose out of school, or where you are in your professional life, a career in teaching is never impossible. Let’s talk about who you could get to become a teacher, as well as ongoing training for when you make it.

Your Dream Career as a Teacher

When you first emerge from high school and you already know you want to teach, your first move should be to decide on your path. If you want to teach primary school, you can go on a specific primary school teaching course. This takes the form of a BA and lasts about 3 years. After this, you will do a probationary period in a school before you are allowed to graduate fully and find a permanent position.

On the other hand, you may wish to study and teach physics. In this case, go get your physics degree and then spend a year in teacher training. If you learn your degree up to an advanced PHD level, you can even graduate to teach it in colleges and other universities. If you want to teach in high school, a basic degree is enough.

Once you Graduate in Teaching

Once you graduate as a teacher, your training doesn’t end there. It is imperative that we turn to organisations like Hays Education who can provide us with ongoing training. When we are dealing with young and vulnerable people, there are specific types of training that we need to keep on top of. One of these is Safeguarding Training, the other is compliance.

Safeguarding Children in Education

The idea of safeguarding alludes to the fact that we adults have a duty of care to protect children from harm. Safeguarding training teaches you, as an educator, how to spot signs of abuse and neglect. You will receive safeguarding training when you are studying but you ought to retrain every year or two throughout your professional life. It is one of your most important roles as a teacher.

Governmental Compliance

Compliance training keeps you abreast of all the laws in your region. Although it’s not as essential as safeguarding as you move through your professional career, taking this training sets you apart from other staff. It makes you indispensable. If you want to land that permanent position straight out of studying, it’s a good hot tip.

Ongoing Teacher Training

As we move through our careers the stresses of teaching can mount up. Think about looking after your well-being with some specific training in this area, too.