Top 5 Online Private Japanese Tutor

More and more people are attracted to learn the Japanese language, from students, workers, to merely tourists. And nowadays, there are many options for online private tutor ready to help you ace the Nihongo. Here, we’ve gathered five online private Japanese tutor in 2021 you can easily and attractively use.

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

Arai Academy is one of the recommended online Japanese tutors as they provide highly qualified teachers and extensive learning support. Arai is owned by Mineko Arai, who wants to make sure that every pupil learns about Japanese culture and master the language.

The great thing is that they offer a free starter lesson. Thus, you can decide whether you will continue the lesson once you enjoy the experience or quit.


This platform is created by a Japanese linguist and offers you CEFR C1 level (Advanced Japanese). Upon using this platform, you will have to choose your achievement, which is divided into three sections: “to travel in Japan”, “to live in Japan”, and “to work with Japanese”.

Here, you will learn Japanese grammar along with practical skills for daily activities. Wasabi boasts their certified tutors who have undergone training.


Italki has more than five hundred tutors ready to give one-on-one customized lessons. This platform also owns Italki Classroom, where teachers use Skype or Google Hangouts to interact in the video conferencing software. When signing up, you are given a chance to choose your tutor by reading their resume and a video about them.

Once you find the teacher you love, you have to see their availability to schedule your classes. Plus, most tutors give a discounted trial session.


Preply has hundreds of tutors to help you learn Japanese. Teachers are mostly native speakers or certified instructors. In Preply, the virtual classes are using Skype. Just like Italki, here in Preply, you can also choose your teacher based on their experiences, background, and reviews from then-students.

Each teacher bids a different price. The great thing is, you don’t have to pay for class packages in the first place because Preply offers a trial lesson.


With AmazingTalker, the tutor will guarantee you to become an amazing talker in a certain language, particularly Japanese. AmazingTalker offers one-on-one classes for all ages, kids, school pupils, and adults. The lessons take place via Zoom.

Because this platform is quite strict when selecting its tutors, you can rest assured that an experienced or certified tutor will guide you throughout the learning process. Some tutors of AmazingTalker are located in the United States, while others are native Japanese speakers who live in several countries.

Since most of those language platforms offer a free trial, it is best to take the advantages given so you can choose which sites suit you perfectly. Get your Japanese tutor with the best five online private teachers above!