Private Tuition in Singapore is Not Just Popular, It is a Necessity

Realistically, private tuition in Singapore has not just become popular, it is now a necessity for many students and parents, whether children are struggling academically or not. Over the years more and more parents are engaging their children in private home tuition. Many parents still get a tutor if their child is falling short academically in a certain subject. Others hire a tutor to reinforce what was taught in school or to build up a strong foundation. Still others hire a tutor to provide extra practice and preparation before any major exam or for entry into another level. Whatever the reason, private home tuition has not only become a popular option for parents, it has become an invaluable resource for students and their families. A private tutoring service such as FamilyTutor’s private tuition carries a lot of benefits for all types of students.

Private tuition ensures the necessity to do well even in difficult subjects

In Singapore it is important to be able to enter into a top university. This means that students cannot afford to have a low or failing grade in even a single subject. This may become a struggle with subjects in maths, science, and even Chinese because of traditional school work and the speed of teachers to cover the whole syllabus. It is common to see most students do well in all but one subject, and these students can be left behind in the learning process. Hiring private tuition (such as FamilyTutor’s private tuition) allows these students to catch up and even excel in difficult subjects.

Private tuition improves preparedness and performance in exams

It is vital for every student to do well in exams. So, while private tuition can help struggling students with a specific subject, it can also help students do well in exams and get high scores. A tutor can also help students be better prepared and improve their exam taking skills.

Tutors give better attention and professional guidance to students

Tutors can concentrate on the weaknesses and needs of students by giving them 100% attention. Students can grasp hard topics and concepts better when the lessons are tailored to their specific needs. They are also more open to the tutor and ask more questions and queries to clarify things. Tutors also have the experience to provide proper professional guidance by giving practice papers and exam format materials that are not found in the classroom.

Private tuition targets weaknesses to become strengths

With private tuition, tutors can spend more time focused on the child’s weaker topics and concepts. This ensures that weak areas are fully understood by the child before moving on to the next topics. Tutors can also tap into weaknesses to convert them to strengths, improving the child’s learning skills to grasp important concepts.

Aside from the obvious benefits above that necessitates home tuition, private tutoring offers other advantages that traditional classroom learning can never provide. Tutoring sessions in the comfort of the home allows students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback on their answers and performance. Private tuition also offers flexibility in scheduling so students can learn at their own pace. Tutoring at home also means that parents can monitor the tutor and their child’s performance.

Home tuition alone accounts for more than 60% of tutoring

Private home tuition is not just increasingly becoming popular in Singapore, it has become a necessity for students and parents to keep pace with Singapore’s high quality education system. The private home one-to-one tutoring also gives an opportunity for parents to have peace of mind since their children are receiving the best possible supplement to their education. The fact that private home tuition accounts for more than 60% of tutoring says it all (the remaining number is distributed among tuition centres and online tutoring).

Necessity means choosing the best private tuition agency

As parents, you want to choose the best private tuition agency for your children’s education. You only need to look at FamilyTutor’s private tuition. Why? FamilyTutor chooses only the most highly qualified and experienced home tutors, most of whom are MOE trained. All tutors are carefully hand-picked, rigorously interviewed and vetted. We guarantee good academic improvement as early as within 4 months. Our tutors are focused only on the students’ improvement of academic results. Give us a call, message us, or fill out our request form at our official website.