How To Set Up A Children’s Playground: A Step-By-Step Guide

Children’s playgrounds such as Hot Ground Gym for example can be a great option to bring more fun to children. Recreation activities combined with studies form a more productive scenario for learning and development. However, you should be careful not to make jokes, headaches.

Create More Leisure Options

To provide more fun for children, playgrounds are a great alternative. In schools, daycare centers, condominiums, and other spaces, the children’s playground helps entertain the little ones and creates a favorable environment for learning.

Everyone knows that children have a lot of energy during childhood and are starting to create social interactions with friends and colleagues. However, it is essential to create situations where this is done naturally. In moments of recreation, this can be facilitated, helping children to “let go,” relate and create friendships. This has enormous benefits in the formation of an individual and his character.

Build A Children’s Playground Within The Rules

To bring more safety to the children’s playground, a rule determines the need to place a surface that cushions possible falls. In playgrounds that have dropped from 0.6m, materials capable of minimizing the consequences of these impacts should already be used.

However, even if the playground contains only toys with a height of less than 60 cm, the use of floors that absorb impacts and mitigate the effects of some accidents is indicated.

The impact dampening capability of the coating is determined by a test performed with an accelerometer. The requirements and procedures are established by part 3 of Standard NBR 16071.

This standard also delimits the free space around the toy module and the minimum area to be covered with a protective floor, as follows:


– height less than 60cm = distance of 1.5m – height greater than 60cm = distance of 2.5m


– the distance between the swing center axis and the maximum seat distance at 60º + 1.75m (for level absorption surfaces).


– 1m space on the sides – 2m in the slide exit section.

Decrease The Chance Of Possible Accidents

Taking care of safety in the children’s playground makes it possible to avoid headaches. Many parents and responsible people complain when their children and relatives have an accident.

It is not difficult for children to get hurt; after all, they play non-stop, and at some point, this can happen. Safety measures can avoid more serious consequences. In extreme situations, these inconveniences can even represent legal proceedings. Whether in a daycare center, college or condominium, this is nothing interesting and can be easily avoided with some safety parameters.

The rubber floors bring more comfort and safety to children who use the children’s playground. The idea of ​​bringing a leisure option cannot also represent a risky situation. So, when setting up a children’s playground, it is also essential to be responsible. We have a material developed based on the safety standard and has some more tips to make your playground safer.