Best Job Search Engines to Use in 2021

Mobile apps and web browsing has made it incredibly easy for us to search for good jobs and apply for them in no time. Our handheld devices are enough for us to reach out to potential recruiters and learn about a company we are interested in.

If you are a fresh graduate, freelancer, switching a job or looking for a new job, then these job search sites will be of great help.

Best job search sites

  • LinkedIn

The best and fastest way for getting a job is to connect with recruiters directly. LinkedIn is a social networking platform that lets you interact with potential recruiters. It is a platform where people from different industries all around the world make their professional profiles and match with relevant job openings. Recruiters also have their own profiles and post job openings on LinkedIn. It has been a successful job search platform ever since it was first launched in 2003.

It has a huge database that saves people’s digital resumes. It also allows personal and private networking, where you can add different people, whether colleges or recruiters. To make sure you make the most out of LinkedIn, give some extra time and effort to building your profile. The reason for this is that your LinkedIn profile is basically your digital portfolio that will make the first impression on a recruiter when you opt for an opening. You can upload profile pictures and update your work experience too. You can also use keywords and custom filters to find specific jobs for yourself.

  • GlassDoor

No one wants to opt for a job without having enough information about an employer, particularly the pay scale. For this reason, many people prefer using GlassDoor for finding and applying for jobs. The platform was launched in 2008, with the primary goal of giving people salary transparency. It also has a bunch of reviews on companies from their existing and ex-employees.

The platform today has a vast database of over 70 million company reviews and many more insights such as job benefits, number of employees and so on. So, next time when you are offered a job from any platform, you can always use GlassDoor to learn more about an employer and make an informed decision.

  • Google for jobs

Google for jobs, or Google careers is a product by Google that lets you search for a vast variety of jobs. You can even apply several filters, such as the industry you want to work in, location, qualification, job type, organization and skills. You can also turn on alerts for the job you are searching for, so if there is something relevant, it will notify you immediately. Google for jobs integrates several other job searching boards to make job openings more visible for searchers.

  • Indeed

We are always on the go, and with our cheap internet plans and smart devices, we are always scrolling on one app or another. If you are in search for a job but don’t have the time to stay put and scroll through your laptop’s browser, then the Indeed mobile app is the best way to get things done. The platform has one of the largest databases, and is known for its variety of industries and niches – even the ones you didn’t know existed!

It is said to be the easiest to use, and takes absolutely no time to apply for a job opening. In addition to this, Indeed offers features like salary details and data about an employer/company. It lets job searchers compare salaries, research companies and also put up a personalized criteria for a job. You can use this criteria and turn on job alerts to get immediate updates about relevant job openings.

  • Facebook job search

Even though a lot of people use Facebook, job searching feature is still undiscovered. This is mainly because Facebook is an informal platform and mostly used for socialization and entertainment purposes. There is a separate tab “Jobs” on Facebook, where you will find some legitimate opportunities to match your needs. The tab lets you put in filters such as location and industry or job type. Recruiters can link up a job opening with their company’s profile/page, write job descriptions and also provide other sources of contact.

The best part is the application process. It is very easy and quick to apply for a job via Facebook jobs. You can send your resume, and even forward your professional details on Facebook through the Messenger application. This is a great platform for those social media fanatics to use, as it does not require you to build a separate profile or get familiar with a new platform. In addition to this, we highly recommend Facebook for freelancers and people in the creative line as there are great opportunities for that here.

Tips for a better job search

Job search engines alone cannot guarantee that you will find a good job in less time. There are other barriers as well. However, to ensure that you do your job search correctly and effectively, here are some things you must keep in mind.

  • Company’s career page

When you have applied for a job, or are offered one, make sure to check a company’s online pages and profiles. Check its social media profiles as well as its website. Also, check if it is listed on Google business, so you can find out other several details such as related news s (if any), location, year founded and CEO name. Doing research about a company is very important, so that you don’t end up wasting time on a job that wasn’t suitable in the first place.

  • Use filters

When using job search engines, don’t forget to take advantage of filters. These are fully customizable and you can use them to set a specific criteria such as location and even type of job (part time or full time).

  • Reach out yourself

Some platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for jobs allow you to send requests and message recruiters. If you see a good recruiter but don’t see a job opening, don’t hesitate in reaching them out. Even if they don’t have a job opening in that moment, they might end up remembering you when there is an opening and give you a chance. Moreover, PR and your social network always pays well in a job hunt.

  • Research companies in the industry

Before you apply for any job, make sure you know you have a good direction. One way to ensure that is to research companies in the industry you are looking for the job in. This way, you can shortlist companies you wish to work in, or at least have a general idea of what suits your needs better.

  • Tailor your resume

Don’t think that one-size-fits-all will work in your job hunt too. Different recruiters have a different criteria when looking for a potential employee. For example, some company’s culture might appreciate your responsible and do-it-all personality. Another company might be looking for a more team-player kind of a person. Therefore, you must use your existing experience and qualifications and present them differently for different recruiters.

Final thought

Although all job search sites have huge databases with lots of success stories in the past, you cannot expect them to guarantee you a good job. You must not rely on these platforms completely, and keep pursuing other means of job hunting as well.