3 Fulfilling Careers In The Car Industry

Are you a school leaver looking for your dream career in the automotive industry? These three fulfilling careers in the car industry could be the ideal answer.

Working with cars is a dream career for many enthusiastic petrolheads. It takes lots of studying and practical work for you to become respected in any of the main careers in car repair and technology. However, with a little application of your focus and skills, you can achieve anything. We have seen students return to college in their fifties and sixties. It is never too late to retrain in something that you love.

There are three main career types in the car industry. There are the people who design the cars, the peoples who make and improve those designs, and then there are those that learn those finished designs to fix them efficiently. These three career types can call into the category of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, and car mechanics. Here are the details to help you choose which one you would like to study.

Automotive Engineer Vs Mechanical Engineer Vs Car Mechanic

Either of these thrilling careers in mechanics will give you the satisfaction of a job you love. According to the engineering career experts at Hays Engineering Jobs, there are vast differences between the three roles, even if it may not seem like it to we outsiders.

The condensed version of telling the difference between an automotive engineer and a mechanical engineer lies in specifications. All mechanical engineers are automotive engineers. Mechanical engineering is a niche of automotive expertise, which covers broader understanding. An automotive engineer can fix planes, trains, and automobiles. They know about windfarms and coordination and how to power things using sunlight. Mechanical engineers stick to making mechanics work, though that may be in a car garage, in a factory, or on an oil rig.

Car mechanics, on the other hand, are not engineers. They study the finished product and learn how to fix it. They don’t need to worry about designing vehicles in the same way that engineers don’t worry about how you fix them. The chances are that your engineering graduate nephew couldn’t fix your car.

The 3 Fulfilling Auto Trade Careers

Take our advice and study hard to become the following.

1 – The Automotive Engineer

Why stick to cars? Why limit yourself? Learn how to fix rockets and ships and fighter planes. Figure out the automation for factories using expensive Smart technologies. Develop plans for new machines which will ease the toll of challenging work on humanity. This is the explorative world of the auto engineer.

2 – The Mechanical Engineer

Don’t just love cars – learn how to build them from the ground up. Mechanical engineers are the people behind the factory production line. They may be designing the car or improving components within it. They may even be designing the technology that the factory uses to build them. It’s like LEGO® but for adults.

3 – The Mechanic

Again, we link mechanics to cars, but they can fix so many other things. If it has an engine, the chances are they can repair it. They might not be the masterminds behind the design, but they could still build it up from nothing if you showed them the plans.